Cybersecurity is a practice covering a tremendous broad spectrum. Our solutions focus primarily on the most vulnerable part of the organisation and that is the combination of technology and human factors

EvL Consulting teamed up with market leaders to provide a holistic package of solutions that cover most, if not all, areas in this space.

SolutionMarket Leader
Primary email defenseProofpoint
Human expertiseKnowBe4/Proofpoint
Account protectionKeeper/1Password
Multi Factor AuthenticationYubico (hardware tokens) and Duo (sofware)


Proofpoint acts as your email firewall. Based on billions of emails processed and analysed each day, Proofpoint is in a unique position to act on known threats, spam, phishing and other malicious content to prevent it from reaching your inbox. Email Security provides protection against malware-based threats, such as malicious attachments and links, as well as related threats such as email fraud and credential-phishing emails. It also identifies and secures sensitive information in emails, using DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and email encryption. Email Security gives administrators visibility into threat landscape, including a detailed breakdown of specific threat types and the frequency of attacks so they can make informed decisions about strategies to mitigate the related risk.


Keeper is the leading provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge security and encryption software covering enterprise password management, secure file storage, secrets management and encrypted messaging. Keeper protects businesses of all sizes across every major industry sector.


Is one of the market leaders in account protection through highly secure password and credential management across most platforms. Integration with cloud platforms, browsers and development environments helps keep your systems secure.


KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Manage the continuing problem of social engineering by educating your employees, investigate weaknesses with simulated phising campaigns and automated actions based on continuous learning. You and your employees are the ones that get targetted the most and having the knowledge to identify and act on threats, significantly reduces your chances of getting entailed in a data breach.


The ultimate in Multifactor Authentication comes via hardware based validation tokens. Historically, there has been a tradeoff between great security and usability.
Passwords are fundamentally broken, but are not going anywhere soon. Basic two-factor authentication, like SMS and mobile apps, is increasingly vulnerable to attackers. And the more secure hardware technologies, such as traditional smart cards, are difficult to deploy and use at scale.

The YubiKey changes this.


The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) calls it the gold standard for MFA. Phishing-resistant MFA relies on credentials that attackers cannot trick you into sharing. Typically, this is something innate to you – like a fingerprint – and something in your possession – like your smartphone. Duo utilizes FIDO2 authentication methods to eliminate the need for a password, making it easier and more secure for your employees to access corporate applications.

Holistic approach

By combining the above solutions into a consumable package allows you to elevate your IT security to the next level.


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