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  • ALL content on this site is owned by EvL Consulting. No content, whether partially or in full,  shall be reproduced in ANY form without prior written approval from the owner.
  • If you seek to obtain financial gain based on content published on this site, EvL Consulting will be entitled to financial compensation of no less than 40% of the revenue you obtain from it. By publishing our content, you agree to share your revenue.


  • The content on this side is based upon “best effort” basis. EvL Consulting disclaims ANY liability or responsibility for any form of correctness, completeness, legality, interoperability or any otherwise. It is up to the reader to seek guidance via official channels to verify if this content is, or is not, applicable to his/her environment.


  • For any sponsored content the sponsor will be disclosed.
  • The posts on this site do not reflect the views or strategies of the company I work for, have worked for in the past or will work for in the future.
  • No proprietary or business sensitive information from past current or potentially future employers will be disclosed under any circumstances.
  • Any conflict of interest will be posted and content will not be adjusted to show favouritism towards any vendor. Fairness is guaranteed.


  • EvL Consulting is an honest company. If requests are made for products or service evaluations, please ensure all details are provided, and that they are correct as of the time of writing.  If I’m wrong due to the absence of, or incorrectly provided information, which leads to erroneous details in the review, it may or may not be corrected. You agree that the decision will be the sole right of EvL Consulting.
  • If I’m wrong due to incorrect interpretation of guidelines, documentation and verbal instructions and the fault is on my side I will correct this. Under no circumstances will EvL Consulting be held liable for any publication.
  • If any of the provided information is plain incorrect I will not correct the content itself but will note this in an addendum. All provided information will be disclosed. I do NOT accept information under an NDA for the purpose of product and services reviews. (Also see Marketing and Public Relations)
  • I’m a polite guy and expect the same from you. This way we can have an open and honest discussion.
  • I will not disclose any personal information under any circumstance unless if required by law. I respect your privacy unless you speak or act from a public role. Then your position and intentions will be asked for and published.

Marketing and Public Relations:

  • I will not endorse any vendor for whatever reason if I don’t see the need to mention them.
  • I’m not a free marketing tool so do not ask me to act like one.
  • I reserve the right to publish my view as I see fit under any circumstance.
  • Product reviews, promotions and endorsements will be charged for and the outcome will be as per Disclosure & Ethics.

Affiliate Programs:

  • erwinvanlonden.net is member of the following affiliate membership programs.
  • This means that links on this website may or may not be linking to content on these websites for which erwinvanlonden.net is receiving a commission.
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  • Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings.
  • erwinvanlonden.net does not accept any liability on good and services provided by these websites. Please refer to these companies individual policies.


  • If you donate to erwinvanlonden.net 50% of this will be donated to the SeaShepherd Conservation Society.

Business sponsorships:

  • I accept business sponsorships. Contact me for further information. (Please see the “Disclosure” section.

Registration process:

  • Disposable email addresses will not be allowed and your account will be deleted if you register with such an email address. You know who I am and I like to know who you are.
  • As soon as you sign up you will be added to an email list. I will only send out an email at a rate of maximum 4 times per year. If you do not want to receive this then you are free to unsubscribe.


  • Prior permission is required if you want to quote me for any purpose or reason.
  • If you obtain, or have the intention to obtain, a financial gain of me quoting your products and/or services your do agree to pay me a mutually agree fee prior to publishing the quotation.

EvL Consulting reserves the right to adjust any of the above without prior notice.

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