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Reducing MFA/2FA requests on cloud apps


Third party authentication and authorisation providers like okta, azure, gcs or aws often have a trusted connection to the tenants. This sometimes allows that authentication requests via MFA/2FA options can be bypassed as the authentication has already occured from inside the tennants network.
When employees work from remote locations they can set up a VPN to their companies network in one of two modes.

  • Full Tunnel – this causes ALL traffic to travers the VPN to the companies network and then is propagated to their internal server or via firewalls and proxies to the internet.
  • Split Tunnel – Only traffic destined for the subnet routes that get pushed from the vpn server will traverse the vpn tunnel.

The full tunnel setup may be helpful if you only work with systems inside your corporate network. Given the fact vast amount of application are now published in some obscure place called “The Cloud” you basically have no clue where it resides.

I’ve created a script pushed to github (over here) that creates specific routes based on your settings that may result in a reduction on your MFA/2FA requests to be validated.

Have a look at the “README” for more info.