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Australian law makes you a target

As a privacy and security focussed person, I want to keep a minimal financial fingerprint in the digital world. I do not pay via credit or debit card directly, but always use a trusted payment gateway which have sufficient security frameworks in place. This way I can ensure that these numbers are not splurged over the web and any breach of a particular website should not have an effect on my account. The main issue is that the right to be forgotten does not exist in the financial legislation in Australia. If you have any dealings with any financial institution, your data is locked in for at least 7 years. This makes you vulnerable and leaves you to the perils of the institution you’ve dealt with.

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Ever Expanding Defence Perimeter

Even though companies would like to have employees return to the office after the pandemic, the norm of working-from-home or even working-from-anywhere is here to stay. This means that uncontrolled connectivity options are resulting in increasing attack-surfaces where home routers, public Wi-Fi spots, shared personal hotspots and more, are causing headaches for many businesses to secure their end-points.

Many very good end-point security solutions like Crowdstrike, Microsoft and SentinelOne provide an active method of securing endpoints with state-of-the-art software which provide an excellent overview of your overall security state for those end-points.

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