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Microsofts new CEO. Saviour or the same?

The board of Microsoft has appointed a new CEO. When Steve Balmer announced stepping down from one of the worlds most influential companies for the last 3 decades the search began. You can say from Microsoft what you want but it has been the company that not only brought computing to the home but also created an entire industry around it. I think there is not a company in the world that has created so many jobs in such a vast variety of businesses, governments, education and numerous other market segments than the computer giant from Seattle. The ubiquity of its products is seen everywhere and has been untouchable for a long time. There have been cracks in its structure though. The company hasn’t been able to make tablets a success even though they announced this technology way before Apple has a crack at it. The handheld PC in the form of a phone has never been a success. Windows was able to hook consumers as it had done on the desktop and laptop. They are trying again now that they’ve bought Nokia. (See here).

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