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Comparing different technologies

OK, let me make one this clear, and most of you know this already, I’m not a fan of FCoE and I wrote numerous articles around this topic. I work for a vendor especially focusing on storage connectivity in a engineering support role. Basically it means I need to know this stuff. When I see people struggling with storage from a connectivity perspective and I come to a point I either meet these people in person or have them on the phone I’m pretty often absolutely flabbergasted around the lack of fairly basic knowledge of Fibre-Channel. The basics of checking port and link errors, the generic concept of flow control and operational management is very often on a pretty low level. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing anyone of being stupid however it turns out that education and self-study w.r.t. storage is not seen as a critical item on the day-to-day IT department shopping list and focus is more leaning towards networking, operating systems and applications.

If, however, your sole job is storage and you are tasked to provide a study between two different sorts of technology both touching the same subject and you’re able to screw up the way the Evaluator Group has done last week I seriously doubt the credibility of such an organization.

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