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Blurry Fonts on X

This is not really a blog post more a note to self. After pulling my hair out because after an update of the X-server and Gnome on my Fedora 20 box every font accross windows, window titles, app-screens more or less became unreadable blurry and fuzzy characters all over the place that were only readable with a plus 9 left and minus 9 right glasses. I had this in the past and most of the time by upgrading the latest NVidia driver the problem was resolved. Not so today. Reboots, kernel updates, NVidia driver updates, xorg.conf modifications and adjustments all led to no avail. I was at the brink of throwing the box out of the window when I read a onliner on askubuntu.com which said

“OK, so this is going to sound ridiculous. But I switched the screen itself off and on again and it is working now.”

This looked so incredibly unbelievable that I ran out into the street, wanted to start screaming but could hold myself… (barely), went back in, turned my monitor off, then back on and the problem had disappeared. Aaaarrrrghh…..

OK, coffee now… Have a nice day..