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The Optus data breach and why it was so simple.

OK, first off, “It wasn’t me !!!” Even though the title may indicate otherwise.

Just in case you’re not in Australia and have no idea what this is about. Optus is Australia’s second-largest Telco, with around 11 million subscribers. On September 22nd 2022 they suffered a major data breach where it was announced that PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data of almost all their customers was stolen. Now, we’re not talking about the phone number and the name, nooo, basically everything that is required to really disrupt someone’s life. This included names, addresses, date of birth, drivers-licence details, passport details, banking and payment information, other identity verifiers like Medicare numbers, and potentially other grade two1 or three details that would allow a person to accrue enough points for online or phone identity verification. Let me be clear here, NO OPTUS CUSTOMER IS SAFE FOR YEARS TO COME !!.

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