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Hitachi Va….. what???

VANTARA. Hitachi Vantara. Yes, took me a while to get used to it as well after almost 15 years at HDS but I must say reading all the internal and external communications and overall business and technical transformation gets me more excited by the day.

HDS, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group are combined into a new company focussing on IoT, Analytics and helping customers obtain the maximum use and benefit out of their operational technologies via bullet proof IT from HDS.

Two months ago I had solar panels installed. Living in the Australian Sunshine Coast Hinterland I thought I’d let the name and location do some work for me and as a positive side-effect bring my power bills down as well. In addition to that I’ll prevent a few tonnes of CO2 emissions by not having the power companies burn black rock. The challenge is however to make the best use out of the solar installation. As I did not opt for a battery installation (simply too much money and the ROI makes it currently not worth it) the panels deliver between 4 and 5KWh on average depending on a few factors like cloud overcast, angle of the sun, shade of trees etc. Continue reading