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Avoid endangering your customers?

Getting emails which contain all sorts of malware, viruses and other nasty content is bad enough as it is. It significantly hinders productivity, can infect many parts of the organisation and will, in most cases, be a very costly exercise to recover from, both financially and from a reputational aspect.

Now imagine that this has a flow-on effect on your customers, where malware is propagating itself via email to your customers by harvesting contact details from various parts of your infrastructure. Whether this is a contact list in your Outlook, a spreadsheet that got exported from your CRM solution or any other source this software can get its hands on.

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Preventing client DNS leaking on OpenWRT

A while ago I wrote an article whereby I provided an OpenDNS resolver server via DHCP to the computers, tablets and phones of my kids. (See here). This worked very well and I have been able to keep the nastiness of the web out of sight. Plus it gave me the option to block certain sites which were not captured under a certain category or, if those domains fell under a category that also included a lot of useful domains, exclude them.

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