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1.1 – MAPS – Know what’s going on.

I’ve written about Fabric Watch quite a lot and I have always stressed the usefulness of this licensed add-on as a feature in FOS. This post will outline the major characteristics of MAPS and why you should migrate now. As of FOS 7.2 there has been a transition from Fabric Watch to MAPS (Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite) and over the past few FOS versions it has seen a huge improvement in overall RAS (Redundancy, Availability and Serviceability) monitoring features. As of FOS 7.4 FabricWatch is no longer incorporated in FOS and as such MAPS is the only option you have if you want to use it.  MAPS is one section of a two part suite called Fabric Vision together with its performance companion “Flow-vision”. The MAPS part can interact with flow-vision based on criteria you specify and monitor/alert on performance related events.

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