SNW 2011 Thursday

Today was the last day of the spring edition of SNW. I think it’s been a good conference although the customer attendee numbers could have been better. I think these days the vendors are all keeping their gigs to themselves to prevent customers from wandering around and see other solutions as well after all SNW is an event from Computerworld and SNIA.

This conference has been around three major subjects and that were Cloud, virtualisation and convergence. The funny thing is that I have the impression people left the conference with more questions than answers. A lot of technologies are not fleshed out and nobody seems to have an accurate description of what cloud actually is. Some evidence is clearly there customers are not ready to to adopt new technologies, see here.Earlier in the week Greg Schulz and I had a chat and I mentioned cloud computing to me the total abstraction of business applications from the infrastructure but yet it seems that when I put my ears to the ground everyone comes up with another definition which suits their own needs.

Anyway, today was also my turn for a presso and I had a pretty good attendee turn-up considering it was the last day. Lets wait for the evaluations. I tried to keep it more tangible with issues people are facing today in their data-centers and gave some tips and hints how to overcome them.I had another presso lined up for submission but was not scheduled for a slot. Both of them are downloadable from the SNIA tutorial website both here and here. I do appreciate feedback so don’t hesitate to comment below.

At noon we went for lunch in a little mexican restaurant just on the east side of Santa Clara. Had a great time with Marc Farley, J Michel Metz and Greg Knieriemen. I hope to see them soon again. Great guys to hang around with.

Tomorrow is travel-time for me again back to Down Under after which I wind down to relax a bit with my family on Fiji.

So far the reporting from my side covering SNW Spring 2011.

Keep in touch.


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