Upgrade to FOS 7.4.x fails due to APM performance monitors

As I\’ve written before some features in FOS 7.3 and older have been superseded by new tools such as MAPS and FlowVision. On of those is also Advanced Performance Monitor which let you set up monitoring points in the fabric to identify traffic patterns. Since FOS 7.4. no longer supports these APM monitors the upgrade process checks for these on a port, switch and fabric level. If any of these are encountered anywhere in the switch (also on logical switches) it\’ll throw an error message and simply stops.

The solution is basically to remove all monitors. The release notes will tell you to runs the below commands:

  1. Enter perfdeleemonitor to remove all End-to-end monitors.
  2. Enter fmmonitor –delmonitor to remove all filter monitors.
  3. Enter fmmonitor –delete frametype to remove the specified user-defined frametype.
  4. ¬†Enter perfttmon –delete to remove all switch level Top Talker monitors.
  5. Enter perfttmon –delete fabricmode to remove fabric mode Top Talker monitors.
  6. Enter perfcfgsave to save this change.

But that may not be entirely enough. There have been issues especially when Virtual Fabrics were enable where some stale monitor entries still kept lingering around in the switch configuration even if there weren\’t active on a port or elsewhere in a switch.

This then requires you to remove these stale entries with:

  • perfttmon –delete -sconfig

On a Condor 3-based platforms, the -sconfig option deletes all stale Top Talker monitor entries from the configuration file. A Top Talker monitor is considered stale when it can no longer monitor due to a configuration change, but it still exists in the persistent configuration. For example, a Top Talker becomes stale when a port configured for Top Talker goes offline or when a port blade is removed from the chassis.

On Condor 2-based platforms, the -sconfig option deletes all Top Talker monitors, as well as the configuration keys of all Top Talker monitors in the configuration file. This option deletes all configured monitors, regardless of the port state (online, etc). When a stale Top Talker entry is still present in the configuration file, you cannot enable FC routing services on Condor 2 platform, because Top Talkers cannot coexist with FC Routing services. FC Routing services and Top Talker monitors may coexist in a Condor 3 environment.

Hope this saves you some headaches.



3 thoughts on “Upgrade to FOS 7.4.x fails due to APM performance monitors”

  1. Felix Benadis

    Good info. Erwin. Thanks !
    But issue is not stopping only on this ( APM ) level. If there no timebase configured for some mapsrule(s), then also it failing.
    Example error during upgrade from 7.3.x to 7.4.x:
    The following item(s) need to be addressed before downloading the specified firmware:
    Invalid MAPS rule(s) in FID 128:
    There’s no timebase for the above MAPS rule(s). Please use “mapsrule –config -timebase ” command to correct the same.

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