2 thoughts on “Unable to provision new Luns (and how to solve it)”

  1. bijucyborg

    so how is the EVA different, customer claims that he used to
    1. Zone the host to the port so that the WWPNs are visible on the port.
    2. Mask the LUNs using the visible WWPN
    At least the claim is that the LUNs were visible right after, no reboots or flapping paths.
    As one of my colleagues pointed out, is it because EVA has the concept of a LUN0 visible to all hosts. Some sort of an access device which allows every PLOGI to be registered??

  2. Hello Biju,

    Some arrays do allow the initiator to log in even though the WWN is not registered. This can imply a security risk since it will also allow WWN spoofing and unauthorised access to LUNs with all nasty issues related.

    I don’t have an EVA to my disposal so I cannot analyse a trace to see what its behaviour is. There are pros and cons to both options. It depends on the choices the vendors make.

    Hope this explains it.

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